ATM Rolls

If you need supplies for your ATM, banking or gaming equipment, chances are we have it in stock, ready to ship today.

All our products are manufactured using IBM and/or Epson approved paper which is also FSC® certified.

At Dataroll we have an extensive line of thermal ATM receipt rolls, audit and journal rolls, teller rolls and merchant tally rolls, designed for use in the major ATM, banking and gaming machines found in the market today including:

  • Wincor
  • NCR
  • Ecash
  • Olivetti
  • Diebold
  • and many more…

Best Sellers

  • IBM and Epson Approved
  • FSC® certified
  • Lint free
  • 5-7 years image life with correct storage
  • Personalised printing available
  • Suit all popular ATM terminals
Description Rolls p/boxCode
60 x 87.0 x 25.0mmThermal Outside16Wincor SC
60 x 150.0 x 50.8mmThermal Outside4MCD
80 x 214.0 x 17.5mmThermal Outside (rediATM)7CUSB
80 x 139.5 x 17.5mmThermal Outside (rediATM)6CUSB1
80 x 180.0 x 18.1mmThermal Outside4Ecash
80 x 214.0 x 18.1mmThermal Outside4NCR5670
80 x 170.0 x 25.0mmThermal Outside8Wincor PC

If an item is not in stock or if you need a non-standard size, we can produce it for you either as a plain roll or as a personalised roll with your own advertising or messaging printed on the reverse.

Please contact us for more information and pricing options.