What size rolls are right for my machine?

Dataroll always displays the product details on the carton. If you still have the carton, refer to the product label for the correct dimensions of your roll.

If you don’t have the original carton but you do have a full roll, return to our “How to Measure a Roll” section for instructions on how to obtain the correct size of the roll.

Or you can phone or email us with details of your machine make and model and one of the team will assist you in choosing the right size.

How do I know if I need thermal or bond paper?

Typically thermal paper is slightly glossy and smooth to touch and does not rely on a ribbon to produce an image. Bond paper has a matt finish, feels very much like normal writing paper, and does require a ribbon to produce an image.

If you use a ribbon or cartridge in your printer, you will need to order bond paper.

What is thermal paper?

The majority of receipt, coupon, ticket and label printers these days are designed with thermal print heads because this new technology is more cost effective, user friendly, environmentally friendly and more efficient than the ink on paper technology.

Thermal paper is treated with a chemical that reacts against heat generated by the thermal print heads. It is this reaction that causes the print to develop on the paper.

What is the best way to store thermal paper?

The best storage environment for thermal paper is a cool, dark place. Ideally the rolls should be left in their packaging and kept in a store room. Most importantly, avoid exposing the paper to hot and humid conditions, to direct sunlight and any contact with plasticizers.

When kept in correct conditions, Dataroll thermal paper will store perfectly well for at least five years.

What is Bond Paper?

Bond paper is typically used as a base to receive ink printing such as letterheads, documents, cheques and certificates etc. There is also still a requirement for bond paper where the printer or cash register uses a ribbon.

What is 2 Ply Paper?

2 Ply (and 3 Ply) paper is the more modern equivalent of a top copy and a carbon copy. Nowadays the paper is treated so that when the paper receives an impression or strike on the first sheet, the underside of the top sheet reacts to the top side of the second (and third) sheets and produces an image.

Sometimes the top copy will be made from bond paper and the machine will require a ribbon. Other times the top copy will be coated and will produce an image from an impression without the requirement for an ink ribbon. This type of paper is called “self contained” paper.

Do you import your rolls from overseas?

Unlike many resellers in Australia, we do not import finished goods from overseas. We buy top quality base stock from reputable paper mills in Europe and East Asia – unfortunately there are no thermal paper mills in Australia.

Our paper is FSC accredited with full Chain of Custody certification which means it comes from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. Our paper is also approved by hardware manufacturers such as IBM and Epson.

What if I can’t find the product I am after?

Simply contact us by email or phone and one of our experienced customer service personnel will be happy to help.

How much will shipping cost?

Nothing, shipping is free across the whole of Australia.

Do you offer discounts for bulk buys?

We are always happy to discuss discounted deals for bulk purchases. Simply contact us by phone or email and speak to one of the team.

How do I make payment?

We accept online payments by Visa and Mastercard and there is no surcharge for this facility. Your personal information is encrypted and we comply with all relevant bank and payment security standards.