How to measure a roll

how to measure a roll

When selecting the right roll for your machine, the most important measurements you need to know are (1) the width of the paper; (2) the diameter of the roll and – if the roll sits on a spindle within the machine – (3) the internal diameter of the core. The size of the core is not crucial if the roll sits in a cradle rather than on a spindle.

Measuring your paper rolls in this way will help us determine the correct size paper roll for your needs:

  • Firstly, take a full size/unused roll and a ruler and measure the face of the paper from side to side – this measurement is the paper width (1).
  • Then, with the core facing upwards, measure the roll from edge to edge through the centre of the core – this is the roll diameter (2).
  • Finally, measure across the centre of the core from inside edge to inside edge – this is the core internal diameter (ID) (3).