Quality Policy Statement

Our Commitment

Dataroll Australia recognises that the maintenance of defined quality standards in all aspects of performance is critical to our success. As part of our Total Quality approach we are committed to a Quality Policy which will assure our customers that our business as a whole achieves a recognised standard of performance.

We are committed to adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement, seeking performance feedback from customers and addressing all opportunities for improvement which will ensure our QMS is constantly evolving and relevant to our goals.

We further commit to stringently complying with all relevant legislation, as well as industry and Client specific requirements.

Our Objectives

Dataroll Australia will continuously identify, assess, manage and improve all elements of our activities that impact customer satisfaction. In line with sound business practice, we will:

  • Establish and maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System which establishes quality responsibilities, targets, monitoring methods and the review of business performance
  • Ensure our key processes have been widely communicated and are owned by process owners throughout the business
  • Ensure that each process owner has documented the policies and procedures required to achieve the desired quality outcomes
  • Provide professional quality resources to assist in meeting the Company‚Äôs quality objectives
  • Provide information, instruction and training for employees on quality issues
  • Engage and evaluate suppliers based on their ability to supply products and services that meet our business requirements
  • Focus on sustainable improvements in profitability as well as offering a seamless customer experience and competitively priced products and services

Policy Control and Review

Copies of this policy will be displayed at all Dataroll locations, will be communicated to employees and will be available to all interested parties.

The Dataroll Quality Management System will be audited, reviewed periodically and revised taking into consideration changes in technology, legislation or Company requirements.

Changes to this policy will be approved by the General Manager and communicated by the Quality Assurance Coordinator.

Brad Sangalli

General Manager

21 February 2018